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Q1: How many days a week do you exercise?
   a. 1-2 times
   b. 2-4 times
   c. 5-6 times
   d. Every day

Q2: Which time of the day do you prefer to exercise?
   a. Morning (6-11 AM)
   b. Afternoon (11 AM - 4 PM)
   c. Evening (4 PM - 8 PM)
   d. Late in the evening (9 PM - 11 PM)

Q3: What types of exercise classes are you most interested in?
   a. Weight training
   b. Dance/Zumba
   c. Yoga
   d. Cardio
   e. Other

Q4: Do you use any health supplements?
   a. Yes
   b. No
   c. I intend to take

Q5: Do you have any medical issues?
   a. Yes, please specify the details
   b. I am not sure because I haven't had a full body checkup
   c. No

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