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Coaching Classes

Q1: What were your weaknesses when you started?
   a. Time management
   b. Usage of tips and tricks
   c. Confidence
   d. Other, please specify

Q2: Who was your favorite teacher?
   a. Name A
   b. Name B
   c. Name C
   d. Name D
   e. Name E
   f. Name F

Q3: Did the teachers use some innovative or new methods of teaching to teach the tips and tricks?
   a. Definitely yes, most of the times
   b. Sometimes, can be increased
   c. Never

Q4: How should we improve the study materials?
   a. It is perfect, needs no improvement
   b. I prefer soft copy over hard copy
   c. It should be available in both soft and hard copy
   d. The language should be simpler
   e. It should have more test papers


Q5: Were the number of class tests enough for preparation?
   a. Yes, number of tests were enough
   b. No, they should be increased
   c. They should be decreased

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