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About Us

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We're a team of individuals that love to be creative because it makes us happy. Our goal is simple! We want to create an easy-to-use platform for people who spend hours creating the perfect questionnaires for their surveys. The feedbank family believes in action, progress, and growth. Since more and more people seem to indulge in creating surveys and feedback forms for their businesses, Feedbank helps you easily create a survey and send it to a large audience. Isn't it now easy to gain business insights?



With the rise of the internet over the last decade or two, competition has increased, and customers have become choosy. Getting honest and open feedback from your customers has become extremely important. No matter what channel our consumers choose to interact with us, surveys are the most dependable way to obtain honest feedback (website, mobile application, newsletter, etc.). People enjoy providing feedback, whether positive or negative. Customer-centric surveys with the correct questions can yield results that will add another piece to the puzzle and help you better understand your customers.


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Here are few reasons to use feedback and survey forms:

Simple and quick to assess

 Simple to participate in

 Honest and sincere responses

 A fantastic branding exercise

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